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Using art, culture and creativity as a strategic lever to create socially sustainable urban life and positive change in society

VOLCANO is a consultancy specialised in creative placemaking. They put social sustainability on the agenda when creating vibrant and inclusive cities where new communities can be the starting point for better wellbeing.

"Culture and creativity is not just aesthetic education and enriching entertainment, but a strategic lever that creates vibrant cities, stronger communities, social resilience and growth on all three bottom lines.

- Anders Brogaard, Chief Strategy Officer
The team behind VOLCANO
"In VOLCANO, we see creativity as a vital driver of positive societal transformation."

- Kristian Riis, CEO

Activating urban spaces and communities

VOLCANO works with a wide range of private organisations, municipalities, developers and foundations to activate urban spaces and communities. They have a special focus on creative and young people. The ones who make up our future. The ones who dare to act in light of the challenges we face as a society. Challenges of increasing unhappiness and climate change.

Through creative placemaking - a method that covers data analysis, citizen engagement, skills development, strategic bridging and activation - they create impact for their target group across the country.

Talent programmes for young people in the music and culture industry and creative entrepreneurs

VOLCANO has, among other things, established the Royalties initiative, a customised talent programme for young entrepreneurs in the music and culture industry. They have also established Danish Creative Industries, a platform that unites creative people and investors through events. Their ambition is to accelerate, coordinate and support the development of the entire ecosystem around the Danish creative industries.

Creative DNA

At the helm of VOLCANO is Kristian Riis. With a background as guitarist in Nephew, manager for bands such as Kashmir and VETO, co-founder of Heartland Festival and FROST Festival, former director of Bremen Theatre and head of Music Export Denmark, he helps anchor the creative DNA throughout the organisation.


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Anders Brogaard

Chief Strategy Officer