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Would you like to take part in the community? Or do you want to hear more about our approach to systemic change? Feel free to reach out.

Meet the Community Team

Pia Møller-Holst

Community Director 30 28 29 76

Maja Nydal Eriksen

Program and Event Lead 61 37 55 99

Katrine Wiik Thalbitzer

Communications Lead 41 12 17 11

Marcus Jakobsen

Event Coordinator 5362 8603

Sally Junker

Administrative Coordinator

Siri Aagenæs

Student Assistant

The Board of Directors behind Thoravej 29

Chair of the Board
Anders Folmer Buhelt (Director, Akademiet for Social Innovation)
Deputy head
Sine Egede (Chief Visionary Officer, Bikubenfonden)

Jacob Fabricius (Director, Art Hub Copenhagen)
Thandi Dyani (Consultant, BMW Foundation)
Dina Vester Feilberg (Director of Arts, Bikubenfonden)
Jakob Schjørring (Direktor of Social Affairs, Bikubenfonden)
Tali Mørch (Partner, Analyse & Tal)
Isabella Hemmersbach (Director, Pro

How do you become a member?

Most of our members stem from the social field and arts, but many other forward-thinking organisations have joined our mission.

Common amongst all, is the ambition to break habitual thinking and work across professions, interests, and power positions. To inspire growth within each other and the society we engage in.

Reach out if you share the ambition.

Reach out

Pia Møller-Holst

Community Director

+45 30 28 29 76