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Accelerating the transitions needed

Transition Collective was created to change two things: The way we collaborate between actors when realising innovation, transformation and systemic change. And the way we internally lead and collaborate in the organisations that contribute to the transition.

"It is only through collective action that we create a more sustainable world. The transformations our organisations, societies and planet must undergo in the future must happen through innovative partnerships."

- Christian Bason, founder

Evolving the way we create sustainable change

In close collaboration with institutions, foundations and businesses, Transition Collective will unleash a new sustainable transformation. From policy and strategy to organisation, leadership, innovation and daily action. They do so through presentations, seminars, training, research, writing, counselling and coaching of leaders and teams.

Transition Collective was founded by former Head of MindLab and Director of the Danish Design Centre, Christian Bason, who has worked for many years in the intersection between the public, private, non-profit and research sectors.

In the coming period, the focus will be on an effort to develop the way in which several of the largest institutions, foundations, companies and UN organisations create sustainable change. Globally.


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