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Creating more inclusive cultures

Thandi Dyani prefers to work towards things that rhyme with social justice. As a consultant and advisor, she works with the BMW Foundation and other major organisations to help leaders create more inclusive cultures. Focus is on transformative leadership, diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging.

A more just world

Thandi Dyani wants to create a more just world and believes that working with leaders is where she can make the biggest change.

"I am an advocate of creating space for new approaches, opportunities and expansion of mindsets and networks. To foster more radical collaborations and new types of partnerships."

- Thandi Dyani, Consultant

For the past several years, Thandi has been working on social justice, DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging), development issues of the global north and south, and social entrepreneurship. She has catalysed ecosystems in Denmark, Northern Europe and Africa both in governmental institutions, NGOs, as founder, consultant, DJ, leader, board member and CEO.

Today, focus is on the BMW Foundation's global network with a special focus on the Nordics and Africa and the leaders who are part of their network. A longer effort to create and build community, trust and work on the topics that are important to the network.


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Thandi Dyani