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Aims to give children with the fewest opportunities access to a great education

Teach First Denmark recruits and trains academics to become competent primary school teachers for the children who need it the most. They engage people with higher education in a two-year programme that prepares them professionally for a career in primary education.

During the programme, the teachers receive employment at a primary school in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, along with a merit teacher training programme and mentor. The focus is on children's self-esteem, academic development and relationship building skills.

Basically, they help children realise their full potential in the Danish education system, which is unfortunately characterised by social inheritance.

Addressing the prospect of a teacher shortage across Denmark

Just a few years ago, Teach First Denmark relied on foundations to finance the training of their teachers. But school satisfaction is so high that today, municipalities and schools pay the majority of the costs associated with recruiting and training the teachers.

Today, the organisation is in a transition from a successful pilot project in the Copenhagen area to an established initiative that addresses the prospect of a teacher shortage across Denmark. Teach First is therefore working to expand their teacher programme west of the Great Belt.


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