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Exploring, testing and talking about the possibilities of digital art

Korridor is a work collective focusing on art and technology. They are concerned with everything that expands the possibilities of art and culture right now - from AI, blockchains and web3 to immersive technologies such as AR and VR.

They don't just think of these concepts as technology, but as phenomena that will have a significant impact on the way we as a society think about culture and art in the future.

"We aim to create a corridor from the established to the new, where connections and encounters emerge. We do not yet know which doors these technologies will open, except that the corridor allows for a critical gaze into the future."

- Majken Overgaard, co-founder
The Rant by Ditte Ejlerskov. Publiched by Aftryk and Korridor.

Backgrounds in art, technology, and design

Korridor consists of Christian Villum, Majken Overgaard & Rune Brink, all with backgrounds in art, technology, and design - each bringing their unique perspective.

Commen to all three is the belief that art has the potential to communicate complex technologies to a broad audience. They develop exhibitions, teach and host numerous lectures about new artistic phenomenas involving technology.

Foto: Anders Børup

Rune Brink Hansen

Over the years, Rune Brink Hansen has worked to unite the digital and the physical world through visual narratives and light installations. Rune's work seeks to utilise light and technology in new ways and puts the audience at the center in an engaging and surprising way.

Majken Overgaard

Throughout her career Majken Overgaard has focused on synergies between technology and contemporary art. The overall goal has been to explore the transdisciplinary universe, where art, science and technology intersect and form a creative environment for the development of new ideas, experiments and inventions.

Her curatorial practice centers around feminist and democratic ideals - bringing together artists of diverse genders, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

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