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INVI collects, tests and develops new tools for those working with society's wicked problems

INVI is an independent think tank designed to do what only few have time and incentive to do. They collect, test and develop new tools to help politicians and civil servants tackle society's wicked problems.

Together with experts and practitioners, INVI aims to rethink how we design and roll out policy as a society.

Wicked problems

How do we improve public health? How do we get more people to join the labour market, boost productivity and help socially vulnerable people? How do we boost learning in primary and lower secondary schools, address youth unhappiness and tame the climate and biodiversity crises?

Wicked problems are transnational and intractable. They are difficult to define and cannot be solved simply by constructing a building or raising taxes.

"We debate, set up commissions and expert groups, work hard and try our best. Yet we still don't see any big changes. It's not because we're incompetent or bad, but because the problems we face are transnational and intractable."

- Sigge Winther Nielsen, CEO

Aims to develop a model that measures the complexity of societal problems

In the coming years, INVI will work on four "moon landing missions" to help Danish society become a better problem solver. The first mission is to develop a model that measures the complexity of societal problems and the degree to which they are 'tame' or 'wild' on a sliding scale.

It may seem like a very theoretical task. Not least for those who deal with wicked problems on a daily basis. But it can help decision-makers, media and the wider public to understand when a problem is wicked and thus requires more time, more perspectives and often new tools.

The mission is led by Professor Jacob Gerner Hariri, while chief advisor Carl-Johan Dalgaard is chairman of the advisory group.


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Executive Secretary