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Bringing stakeholders together in a conversation about how to maximise positive social change

Impact Insider is a constructive and critical news media created to provide knowledge that can help businesses, non-profit organisations and governments solve complex societal problems. Together and separately.

Impact Insider scrutinises what comes out of the resources invested in creating positive social change. They do so through a systematic exploration of which methods work best and how best to measure the impact of the initiatives that are implemented.

"Some of the problems facing society are so large and complex that they cannot be solved with the methods we have used so far. That's why we work hard to spread solid, deep knowledge about impact, tools and inspiration."

- Carsten Terp, founder and editor-in-chief

Strengthening collaboration between public, private and civil society

Solving complex challenges often requires a joint effort from many different actors.

Impact Insider's mission is to strengthen collaboration and understanding between the public, private and civil society through a unifying platform for shared knowledge and experience-based dialogue.