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Creating new ways for art to engage with society

Diakron is a transdisciplinary studio that works to create new ways for art to act and engage with society. They bring experiences from artistic practices, curatorial practices, social sciences and graphic design.

Diakron aims develop new models for how artistic practices and visual arts can lead to new collaborations, dialogue and relationships with other disciplines.

Climate change and technological development

According to Diakron, artists can contribute aesthetic knowledge, expression and perspectives when major issues need to be formulated and negotiated. Especially when it comes to climate change and technological development.

Diakron creates spaces, organisations and processes where artists can engage in dialogue with active researchers, companies and institutions.

"We need to experiment with new roles for artists - roles that go beyond the current models of established art institutions."

- Bjarke Hvass Kure, co-founder

The climate crisis impacts our senses, thoughts and emotions deeply. And Diakron believes that art as a profession can help process and represent this impact. But there is a lack of physical spaces and curatorial methods.

Bringing art closer to technological development

For the past six years, Diakron has run the project Primer. A platform for artistic and organisational development in the water technology company Aquaporin. Here they have experimented with bringing themselves and artists closer to technological development and innovation processes and created a number of artist collaborations and exhibitions.

Through the Primer project, Diakron has explored what is possible when building a cultural organisation within a company. They have explored topics such as water imaginaries, alternative technology history, future imaginaries and the emotional impact of the climate crisis.

Still from Scries by Diakron and Emil Rønn Andersen, 2021
Still from Scries by Diakron and Emil Rønn Andersen, 2021

The methodological freedom of the art field

Diakron works with alternative organisational forms, economic models and artistic formats. By working collaboratively and relationally, they create anchoring and long-term results on a structural level.

The art field has a methodological freedom and a duty to experiment. But experiments can only succeed if other partners and allies feel invited and find the results exciting and relevant. Therefore, Diakron believes that more initiatives are needed to populate the intersections between institutionally mapped landscapes.


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