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Insisting on trying new paths

The Bikuben Foundation acts as a catalyst for systemic change. They create new opportunities for young people living on the edge, and for contemporary performing and visual arts.

They do so by mobilising people and organisations across sectors, disciplines, and positions of power. They gather knowledge about society's complex issues and together with other actors, organizations, and institutions, they rethink solutions to the systems on which our society is built.

"We insist on trying new paths because we believe that we need to do something radically different if we want a different result than today"

- Søren Kaare-Andersen, CEO

The innovative power of experimentation

The Bikuben Foundation works as a development partner for several organizations, institutions, NGOs and municipalities, funding experimental approaches in both the art field and the social field.

This is for example manifestet when they work with several municipalities to investigate what it means for young people at risk to have more decision-making power when meeting their caseworker. Or when they invite people to a dialog in the format Dialogue:Concept:Development to create new opportunities in the art field.

The experiments initiated by the Bikuben Foundation are designed to make us all more aware of the potential that lies in rethinking society's systems.

Initiator of Thoravej 29

The Bikuben Foundation bought the old factory building at Thoravej 29 in 2021 and is responsible for the transformation of the building. They are also the initiator of the community. By offering physical facilities and meetings between people, they want to create innovation and new opportunities.


Contact person

Iben Haugaard

Director of Communication