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Making Danish cultural life the most sustainable in the world

By bridging the gap between climate research, culture and civil society, Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU wants to change the way art and culture is produced in Denmark.

Their primary focus is on green sustainability, where they believe the way forward is through strong partnerships, as well as informing, facilitating, advising and mobilising the cultural sector to act both sustainably and especially CO2-reducing.

Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU takes a holistic, activist and artistic approach to the work and operates on multiple levels; political, institutional, human and spiritual.

The team behind Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU: Nadia, Christian, Nikolaj and Anders

The potential of art

According to Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU, art and culture have a huge inherent (and untapped) potential to motivate and activate audiences towards sustainable behaviour. This potential must be activated to ensure that we together mitigate the consequences of the climate, biodiversity and nature crisis.

Since the organisation was established in 2020, they have managed to

  • Ensure that a "Centre for Sustainability in the Cultural Life" becomes a reality in 2024
  • Establishing a partnership with KL (The National Association of Municipalities) for a green cultural network for municipalities
  • Establishing a green partnership with Helsingør municipality and 11 cultural institutions
  • Developing the platform Calculate Action, which provides free access to CO2 calculations and other actionable tools that ensure progress in a green transition process
  • Co-designing the Nordic Green Roadmap
  • Translating and launching the Theatre Green Book - an international tool for theatres that want to transition to sustainable operations, behaviour and production.
The board behind Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU

Today, Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU is bringing the arts and culture sector together around common standards for sustainable behaviour. They are gathering knowledge and best practice and ensuring a shorter distance from thought to action for the state, municipality, cultural organisations and audiences. And they are exploring how the special potential of art can promote the green transition in society through its power of influence.


Contact person

Christian Gade Bjerrum

Co-founder and creative leader