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An international art institution and meeting place in Copenhagen giving time, space and voice to artistic experimentation

Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) works to ensure that artistic development and research are given better conditions and opportunities in Denmark as well as internationally - and that the public dialogue about artistic practice is expanded and qualified.

They do so by developing and offering experimental development programmes, research environments and dissemination projects for professional visual artists, curators, researchers and others in the art field through residencies, mentoring, exhibitions, public events and publications.

"We give the different actors a physical place to be, time and finances to work, and we give them networking opportunities and platforms to communicate from."

- Jacob Fabricius, Artistic Director

One example of AHC's work is the 'Micro Institute': a new programme of practice-based research that consists of a two-year research residency for an artist or curator. The institute is an experiment in making the artistic process the centre of a research programme. A completely new way of conducting artistic research and creating collective experiences.

Installation view from the exhibition Untitled (Only shadow can judge me) by Javier Alvarez Sagredo, june 2022, part of the exhibition series The Ones Who Exist Despite Of Or Because Of Or Instead Of Or After The Fact Of (2022), curated by Arrange the Ants. Photo: Rine Rodin
Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) at Halmtorvet. Photo: Hampus Berndtson
Audience in AHC. Photo: Emil Basse


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