Everything at Thoravej 29 centres around fostering radical change for people and society. It’s a community where good intentions materialise into real-life transformations


At Thoravej 29 we work to transform people and society. Our community members are currently focused on these six key areas. What might interest you?

Manifesto for radical transformation


Confronting inaction: A community that insists on the possibility of transformations. Refusing to remain idle, we actively work to bring about comprehensive, positive change for people and society – an endeavor only few dare to undertake.


Confronting habitual thinking: A community that challenges “business as usual”. We break free from habitual thinking with the courage to evolve our methods and beliefs to propel people and society.


Confronting indifference: A community that never engages in anything insignificant. We’re only dedicated to agendas, projects and events that truly move the needle. We’re fearless in our focus on subjects that challenge us.


Confronting narrow-mindedness: A community that unites forces across diverse fields and professions. To succeed with transformations, we encourage genuine collaboration among people and authorities, politicians and practitioners, in both public and private sectors.


Confronting "hot air": A community that uses real change as its lever of success. We believe that the true value of transformations lies in their practical, real-life use. Every transformation must be accompanied by a viable ‘how’ that is easily integrated into everyday life.

Thoravej 29

A professional community, meeting point, stage of the future, neutral ground, and much more.

We bring together people and organisations driven by the will to act and the ambition to foster positive change in society.

Find us here:

Lygten 39
2400 København NV

In 2025, we're moving to:

Thoravej 29
DK-Copenhagen NV